Visit Varadero Beach

Varadero Beach

Varadero Beach, it’s what you came to Cuba for right? So you’ll be pleased to know there’s simply is no other place on earth like it. Many well-informed people refer to Varadero Beach in Cuba as the “most gorgeous beach in the world.” Why? Because it is! It is 36 kilometers of sand that looks and feels like powdered white sugar. There are many ways to enjoy the beach in Varadero and one of our favorites is taking a taxi ride 5km down the beach and walking back, discovering the many sights, bars, souvenir stores and paladares along the way. Staying in one place or, heaven forbid, just at the beach outside your hotel should be a crime! You need to see the amazing differences the beach has to offer, its wider stretches towards the entrance of Varadero or the rocky cliffs that jut into the sea near Xanadu Mansion.